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Curious about auto wrecking? Want to know what's involved in the process? Need tips about finding an auto wrecker? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this blog is for you. Hi! My name is Marissa. This is my blog about auto wrecking, and I hope to help you increase your knowledge. Before you start reading, let me tell you more about me. I have always loved cars--everything, from driving them to fixing them to wrecking them, fascinates me. This is my first attempt to write about that passion though. I have two kids (Jonas and Micheal) and a great husband. I love wind surfing, jogging and of course, cars. Thanks for reading.

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Two mistakes people make when trying to sell their disused cars to auto-wreckers

The following mistakes are ones which many people make when they attempt to sell their disused vehicles to auto wreckers.

Not addressing any flea or termite infestations in their cars before going to the auto-wrecker

Cars can get infested with fleas, if they were previously used to transport the vehicle owner's pets, and can even develop termite infestations if their interiors feature wooden components. One error that some people make after deciding to take their unwanted car to their local auto-wrecker is not bothering to get rid of the pests that are inhabiting their vehicle before they try to hand the keys over to the owner of the auto-wrecking facility.

Generally speaking, auto-wrecking businesses will refuse to accept vehicles with infestations like this, simply because the pests could then get into other vehicles that the infested one is stacked on top of. If the staff at the auto-wrecking facility then tried to sell parts of these infested cars to their customers, this could damage the facility's reputation.

As such, a person who makes this mistake will probably have to tow or drive this vehicle (depending on its condition) back to their own property, eradicate the pests inside of it and then return to the auto-wrecker a second time. By dealing with the pests before they reach out to their auto wrecker, they could spare themselves these extra journeys, as well as the embarrassment of the auto-wrecker refusing to accept their vehicle.

Not checking if there are accessories in the car that they could use in their current vehicle

The other error that quite a lot of individuals make is not checking to see if there are accessories in their disused car that they could put to use in their current, functional vehicle before they give the former to the auto wrecker. This may result in them having to purchase items for their current car later down the line, even those they had those items in their disused vehicle. This is a particularly unwise decision if their current car that is the same make and model as their old one, as these vehicles will have many compatible accessories.

For example, if a person's old car has seat covers that are unstained and in good overall condition, they should remove these and keep them as spares, so that if they should ever tear or spill something on their current car's covers, they can replace them without spending any money.

For more information, contact a local auto wrecking yard.