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Curious about auto wrecking? Want to know what's involved in the process? Need tips about finding an auto wrecker? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this blog is for you. Hi! My name is Marissa. This is my blog about auto wrecking, and I hope to help you increase your knowledge. Before you start reading, let me tell you more about me. I have always loved cars--everything, from driving them to fixing them to wrecking them, fascinates me. This is my first attempt to write about that passion though. I have two kids (Jonas and Micheal) and a great husband. I love wind surfing, jogging and of course, cars. Thanks for reading.

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Top Tips When Dealing With Auto Wreckers

Auto wreckers are your best bet when you need to dispose of your junk car or purchase used spare parts. After you read this guide,  you should have a good idea of what working with an auto wrecker will be like.

Selling Junk Cars To An Auto Wrecker

Auto wreckers buy junk cars to sell them to interested buyers, as scrap metal or to dismantle them for parts. More often than not, the wrecker will check the make, model, year of manufacture and condition of the vehicle to determine an appropriate price. In most cases, it is difficult for the seller to approximate the selling price of the vehicle. As such, use online resources to determine the value of the vehicle. Use this figure to negotiate with the auto wrecker. Alternatively, you could also call a few auto wreckers and ask for an over-the-phone quote. It will help you determine the current selling price of your car. 

Most sellers are usually in a dilemma of whether to repair their vehicles or not before selling them to auto wreckers. As a rule, you should only consider repairs that will significantly improve the value of your car. For example, it would be difficult to get a return on investment if you conduct major repairs, such as installing a new engine or transmission system. In some cases, you could opt to sell expensive and aftermarket parts such as your engine, spoiler, music system and rims separately. It is an ideal option if you think that the parts will fetch a considerable amount in the open market. 

Buying Parts From An Auto Wrecker 

Used parts from an auto wrecker are considerably cheaper than those sold by individuals or on e-commerce platforms. Consider the following when buying used parts from an auto wrecker:  

  • Check the wrecker's terms. For example, you could be required to carry spanners and power tools to dismantle the parts.
  • If possible, check the functionality of the part while it is still attached to the vehicle. For example, you could ignite the vehicle to assess the condition of ignition components such as the fuel pump, spark plugs and alternator.
  • Once you remove the part, inspect it for cracks and missing components. Besides, check the service records of the vehicle to know the part's mileage.
  • Always ask for guarantees and warranties. They prevent you from making losses if the part is dysfunctional.
  • Remember to ask for discounts as you buy the used part. 

You should now have an easy time when buying parts or selling cars to your auto wrecker.