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Accelerate Your Knowledge of Auto Wrecking: An Informational Blog

Curious about auto wrecking? Want to know what's involved in the process? Need tips about finding an auto wrecker? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this blog is for you. Hi! My name is Marissa. This is my blog about auto wrecking, and I hope to help you increase your knowledge. Before you start reading, let me tell you more about me. I have always loved cars--everything, from driving them to fixing them to wrecking them, fascinates me. This is my first attempt to write about that passion though. I have two kids (Jonas and Micheal) and a great husband. I love wind surfing, jogging and of course, cars. Thanks for reading.

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Three Steps to Prepare Your Horse Trailer for Winter Storage

Now that the warm summer days have passed and winter is drawing near, it is time to pack away your horse gear until Spring. There are a number of things you must do to make sure your trailer does not experience any damage over the cold, dreary months ahead. Use these three tips to make sure you don't need repairs when you retrieve your trailer from storage.

Remove Trailer Batteries

If your trailer contains an automotive battery, such as the one used to power electric brakes on a trailer, then this battery should be disconnected and removed while the horse trailer is stored for the winter. When a battery is exposed to an extreme drop in temperature, ice forms on the unit. This can cause the terminals to warp, the battery case to split and acid to leak.

Disconnect the battery and move it indoors during the winter months to keep it from being exposed to extreme temperature drops.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Moving parts of the trailer, such as the hitch and the trailer suspension, need lubrication before winter arrives. By covering these parts with a thick layer of grease, you can prevent them from rusting during the cold months. Talk to your trailer mechanic about the best type of lubrication to use for each of the moving parts.

Additionally, make a point of rotating the moving parts every few weeks. For example, if you move the trailer enough to rotate the wheels, there is less chance of the bearings seizing up because of rust.

Jack Up the Trailer

Another thing you can do to make sure your trailer makes it through the winter without needing repairs is to jack it up so the weight is off the tires. Because the trailer will barely be moved, the constant sitting can cause the tires to deflate. Jack up the trailer and place axle stands under each tire joint to keep the tires in a great state for the following season.

If you do notice your trailer needs repairs at the end of winter, take it to your local horse trailer specialist to get the repairs attended to quickly. It is also wise to have the trailer inspected at the end of each winter so you do not face any emergency breakdowns once riding season begins again. A trailer specialist can take care of this inspection for you, and then you will have peace of mind that all is well when spring rolls around.