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All You Need to Know about Cash-for-Cars Services

One of the easiest ways of selling your car is through cash-for-cars services. Also known as car removals, cash-for-cars services refer to businesses that purchase vehicles for spare parts and scrap metal. In this essay, you will learn how to utilise car removal services.

Preparing your car. 

Cash-for-cars services buy all kinds of vehicles. However, they can only purchase the car from its original owner. Therefore, ensure that you have the vehicle's registration documents. A moving car fetches more money than a stalled vehicle. As such, if you can conduct minor repairs to improve the condition of your vehicle, you will receive a higher quote from the dealer. Avoid altering the vehicle's mileage since the dealer could take legal action against you. Cancel the car insurance and consider transferring the number plates to your new vehicle. 

Finding car removal services. 

Look for a company with years of experience in the car removal business. Below are a few tips to help you find a car removals company:

  1. The company must be reputable. Online reviews and testimonials are a good source of information regarding their service.
  2. Ask the company if they offer free towing from your home.
  3. Look for a company that provides instant cash once they pick up your vehicle.
  4. The company should be licensed and insured to conduct the business. 

Car valuation.

Utilise online resources to calculate the value of your car. In such a way, you will know when a dealer offers you a fair price. Besides, you can use the valuation report as a bargaining tool. 

Ask for quotes. 

Most car removal companies will provide an over-the-phone quote. The quote is based on the make, model, year of manufacturer and condition of the vehicle. You have to be very accurate when describing your vehicle. Minor details such as aftermarket parts, state of the tyres, type of rims, and condition of the suspension could significantly improve the value of your car. Do not provide false information. Otherwise, the dealer will drastically devalue your car during pick up. 


Inform the dealer of your preferred mode of payment beforehand and ensure that you are available on the pickup day. If the dealer thinks that the vehicle is not worth the agreed-upon price, let him or her make a case. You have the right to cancel the agreement if you feel that you will get a better deal.

Car removals are a quick way of turning your car into instant cash. Choose a reliable company, provide accurate details and avoid tampering with your car's mileage.